Medicine is an individualized

human body as one integrated system

stress reduction and supplementsfor
prevention and treatment of disease.

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it also is important that you choose a service
that can provide you with GMP certified services.

vitamins and supplements business

Health Conditions

Clinical Nutrition

Herbal Medicine

Integrative Medicin

International journal of Technoceuticals (IJTs) provides the forum for reporting innovations, production methods, technologies, initiatives and the application of scientific knowledge to all aspects of pharmaceutics, including controlled drug release systems, drug targeting, physical pharmacy, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, biopharmaceutics, drug and prodrug design, pharmaceuticals,Microbiology, Biotechnology,& natural products etc.

Who we are

The sole reason why medical science including pharma exist is to reduce the pain from the life on this earth. With the advent of technology it is becoming easier and necessary to share the researches. To create a platform for sharing Research Work (Ideas and Developments) taking place in pharmacy world, we are pleasured and delighted to bring up this online journal to motivate the inventions and innovations targeted in the pharma sector.